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September 6th, 2021 – Eutaw Alabama

The City of Eutaw has been able to secure a new grapple truck to provide bulky waste, and leaf and limb pickup to residents. The old truck, was costing a lot of money in maintenance, and was not very reliable due to chronic mechanical issues. Mayor Johnson, with the assistance of Merchant’s and Farmer’s Bank and the hard work of City Staff, were able to find a new truck and secure financing.

The new grapple truck will help ensure the city stays clean, leaf and limbs are picked up, and that public works employees stay safe by using the right equipment to do the job. The new truck, with warranty, and proper maintenance will hopefully last the city many years. Mayor Johnson, would like to remind citizens that bulky waste pickup is free. Please do your part to keep Eutaw clean. Do not litter, or dump your unused items on city streets. Not only, is it a crime but it makes our city look bad.

Please leave your items, on the curb, not blocking any sidewalk or street. For leaf and limbs, please make sure they are bagged securely. Citizens are able to call city hall at 205-372-4212 and request a pickup.

Mayor Johnson with new grapple truck and staff.

Mayor Johnson, Broderick Lewis, Corey Martin, Joe Powell, Councilwoman Valerie Watkins, ShaKelvia Spencer and city staff.

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