City of Eutaw Information, and Sales Tax Exemption Documentation

Sales the City of Eutaw are statutorily tax exempt by state law. Additionally, any contractor making purchases on behalf of the City of Eutaw may qualify for exemption by completing this form and submitting it to the Alabama Department of Revenue.

Please use the button below, or click here to access the Vendor Information Packet.

Open Bids and Requests

Open Bids and Proposals

The City of Eutaw has the following open bids, proposals, and requests. Interested parties, may view the details of an open bid or proposals by clicking on an item below:

Vendor Information

Vendor News & Information

Vendors must have a completed vendor information summary provided to the City Clerk’s office before receiving a payment for goods or services. If you are a new vendor, or have been instructed to submit your vendor information, please use this form.

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