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September 17th, 2021 – Eutaw Alabama

Mayor Johnson and Staff show off new vehicles…

Mayor Johnson, Assistant Clerk Joe Powell, Public Works Director Larry Sanford, Water Supervisor Marcus Burton, Street Department Supervisor Broderick Lewis, and Certified Water/Wastewater Operator Corey Martin, with public works and city staff take pictures with new vehicles.

At the City Council meeting on September 14th, Mayor Johnson outlined a plan to purchase much needed city vehicles. With the advice of the city’s financial advisor, Ralph Liverman and the support of Merchant’s and Farmer’s Bank, the city was able to secure funding for much needed new vehicles for the public works department. There is more to come, with a planned purchase of a street sweeper and a knuckle truck, to help with leaf and limb/bulky waste pickups. The new vehicles, will replace aging vehicles in the current inventory, and allow for a more efficient workforce. With the planned hiring of unfilled positions from the previous year’s budget more vehicles were needed. Additionally, with the increased water revenue, bingo distributions, and better than projected sales tax revenue it provided a surplus of funds to provide the needed vehicles. The vehicles were purchased from the Alabama Department of Transportation.

New Vehicles Purchased

  • Two Dump Trucks, one for the public works/street department and one for the water department.
  • Ford F250 with winch for public works/street department.
  • Ford F250 with 4×4 for water/sewer department.
  • Ford F350 service truck for water/sewer department.
  • Ford F150 for water/sewer department.

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