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September 15th, 2021 – Eutaw Alabama

New Online Payment Features for Water Customers

The Eutaw Water Department has been working on the implementation of credit/debit card payments and other online payments since April. While, credit/debit payments and limited online payment functionality has been available for a few months all of the planned features have not been available.

City of Eutaw Water Customers will begin to see an enhanced online payment system during the next few days. This new payment system, powered by PayNearMe, an leader in innovative online payment technology, will provide additional payment options for customers. This new platform will provide a more streamlined payment experience for our customers.

We are very excited to offer these new features to our customers, to allow them additional options to pay their bills without having to come to the office. These new features are estimated to reduce office visits for bill payments by at least 20% in the first three months.

One of the most notable, and most often requested enhancements will be automatic payments. Customers will be able to schedule automatic payments with their debit/credit card or checking accounts.

Customers will be able to view account balance information, for current and past due balances. This will hopefully eliminate issues with customers who utilize non-approved payment providers.

Payment reminders by email and text will be more easily sent, with an easier payment process.

Customers will be able to pay over the phone with an automated interactive voice response (IVR). This will eliminate the need to provide payment information over the phone to office staff for processing. IVR payments can be with a card or check.

Customers will be able to receive a text or email with payment information, and complete the payment very easily using any phone or computer.

Customers will be able to view account balances online for added convenience. Customers will also be able to see their online/card payment history online.

As an additional convenience, customers will be able to pay with cash at Family Dollar and other major retail chains using a bar code at the register.

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